Submissions Received

Number of Submissions Received: 46

Emerson, Tiina Hildebrand

The area directly south of Morden/Winkler absolutely should NOT be part of the Emerson riding. We do all our business in Morden and Winkler (therefore have easy access to the Morden/Winkler MLA). We are on the Morden/Winkler mailing list (therefore always receive mail from Morden/Winkler MLA and never from Emerson…

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St. James, Dale Edmunds

to align St. James with its commonly understood neighborhoods.

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Assiniboia, Dale Edmunds

Century creates a natural dividing line and community of interest. Moray simply doesn’t have community significance as a boundary…

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Morris, Clarence Braun

Good Afternoon. I have been a lifelong resident of Niverville. Over those years we have developed synergies with our neighboring communities that were affected by the change into Morris at the last boundary adjustment. When looking at things more regionally it would appear to make more sense for us to…

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The Pas, Don Dunnigan

There is no social or economic connection between the communities of Cross Lake and Norway House and northwestern Manitoba. Those communities relate more to Thompson. Easterville amd Grand Rapids and Flin Flon have closer ties to The Pas. Those changes could also include Cramberry Portage and Snow Lake coming into…

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Logan, Alexander Gilroy

I would like to see Logan moved north with its south end ending at broadway with the space left out to form part of Fort Rouge. Human Rights musuem area can form part of St. Boniface. The lost space can be made up either north west of the HSC area…

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