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Radisson, george mulder

I live in a seniors complex called Con cordia Village which is to be included in the proposed ED of Radisson.This complex consists of approx. 400 residence and I wonder for recognition and simplification why it could not be include in the Concordia Constituency George Mulder…

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Morden-Winkler, Jordan Froese

I believe that Reinfeld should be included int he Winkler-Morden District. I think this should be the case because Reinfeld is so heavily tied to Winkler and decisions made in that region would better be made in a joint form.

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The Maples, Michael Sugawara

There is a large portion of the maples that is not in « the Maples » electoral division. This area is from Adsum to Inkster. This confuses voters as this section is for some reason included in Burrows.

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Burrows, Michael Sugawara

Burrows should not include areas North of Inkster. Areas of Burrows that are North of Inkster should be included in Maples. From Inkster, south to the CP rail line on the east side of Keewatin should be included in Burrows. Burrows East boundary should be Salter, however the North boundary…

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Tyndall Park, Michael Sugawara

Remove areas on the east side of Keewatin (from Inkster to CP Rail). This area is better represented by Burrows as inclusion of Shaughnessy Park school in the neighbourhood of Shaughnessy heights (part of burrows) is important. North boundary should go up to Mollard Road. While this would indicate a…

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