Public Hearings FAQ

What is a public hearing?
A public hearing is your opportunity to speak to the commission and offer your opinion on the proposed electoral divisions and names.
What do I need to do to prepare for the public hearing?
  1. Register for the location and date you wish to present.
  2. If possible, provide a written copy of your presentation prior to the hearing. You can do this when you register.
  3. Be prepared to answer questions for clarification from the members of the Boundaries Commission.
Is there a time limit for my presentation?
Yes. Each individual will be allowed 10 minutes to present.
What is the difference between a submission and a presentation?
A submission is a written statement sent to the commission. A presentation is an opportunity for individuals or groups to orally and in person present their views to the commissioners.
Can anyone, or any group, make a submission?
Can anyone, or any group, make a presentation?
Can I just bring a submission to a hearing?
Yes, although there may not be time to review your submission unless it was sent to the commission in advance. It is not necessary to attend a hearing to deliver a submission.
Do I have to register to speak at a hearing?
You are encouraged to register in advance.  Advance registration will ensure that you have a time scheduled to make your presentation. Drop-in presenters are welcome, but cannot be guaranteed time to present.
Public Hearings